Resources about planning, building and operating private clouds - Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) computing environments in a local data center.

Read More on the Following Sub-Pages:

  • Private Cloud StrategyResources on how to choose the right direction for a private cloud project - choosing between public, private and hybrid, pros and cons of private cloud, and more.
  • Private Cloud ArchitectureResources on architectural options and considerations facing organizations when building their private cloud.
  • Private Cloud Economics and ROIResources on understanding and calculating the cost, potential cost savings and return on investment of a private cloud project.
  • Private Cloud Operations and ManagementResources on operating and managing private cloud infrastructure, including deployment, installation and setup, automation, orchestration, scaling, and more.
  • Private Cloud Open Source vs. CommercialResources about the implications of choosing open source vs. commercial software for a private cloud project, and considerations for choosing the right option in different use cases.
  • Managed Private Cloud, Hosting and ServicesResources on different options for building a private cloud in an outsourced manner, via service partners or hosting providers.
  • Private Cloud Training and CertificationResources on solutions for training and certification on private cloud concepts and technologies, as well as training materials available online.

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