Resources about all things OpenStack, including its background, OpenStack projects, releases, installation, configuration, virtualization, security and compliance, use cases, and more.
Table of Contents:
Below we have compiled publicly available sources from around the world that present views on OpenStack.
  • What is OpenStackResources about OpenStack: how it works, history of OpenStack, OpenStack statistics, OpenStack licensing, and more.  
  • OpenStack InstallationResources about installing OpenStack or any OpenStack projects. 
  • OpenStack Configuration and AdministrationResources about OpenStack configuration and administration tasks, such as upgrading OpenStack, setting us a DNS and domains, checking the OpenStack version, and more.
  • OpenStack ProjectsResources about different OpenStack projects and the role each project plays in creating a private cloud environment.
    • OpenStack Application Catalog - MuranoResources about Murano, the OpenStack project that enables developers and cloud administrators to publish various cloud-ready applications in a browsable catalog.
    • OpenStack BarbicanResoruces about OpenStack Barbican, which is a REST API for the secure storage, provisioning, and management of sensitive information, such as passwords, encryption keys, certificates etc.
    • OpenStack Bare Metal Provisioning - IronicResources about OpenStack Ironic, the OpenStack project for provisioning bare metal machines in place of VMs.
    • OpenStack MessagingResources about setting up message queues in OpenStack using the OpenStack Zaqar project, the Oslo Messaging API, and third-party options like RabbitMQ and ZeroMQ.
    • OpenStack Block Storage - CinderResources about OpenStack Cinder, the OpenStack project that provides block storage and can manage external storage resources.
    • OpenStack Compute Service - NovaResources about OpenStack Nova, the OpenStack project that enables provisioning and manages compute resources or virtual machines, also called compute nodes. 
    • OpenStack Dashboard Service - HorizonResources about OpenStack Horizon, which provides a web based user interface to OpenStack.
    • OpenStack Database Service - TroveResources about OpenStack Trove, the Database as a Service mission of OpenStack, which allows users to provision and manage multiple database instances as needed.
    • OpenStack DNS Service - DesignateResources about OpenStack Designate, the project that manages DNS data with a variety of databases on many different back-ends.
    • OpenStack Elastic Map Reduce Service - SaharaResources about OpenStack Sahara, also known as OpenStack Savanna, which provisions data-intensive application clusters (Hadoop or Spark).
    • OpenStack Governance Service - CongressResources about OpenStack Congress, the OpenStack project to provide Policy as a Service across any collection of cloud services in order to provide governance and compliance for dynamic infrastructure.
    • OpenStack Identity Service - KeystoneResources about OpenStack Keystone, the identity service used by OpenStack for authentication and high-level authorization.
    • OpenStack Image Service - GlanceResources about OpenStack Glance, also known as OpenStack Image, which provides discovery, registration, and delivery services for disk and server images. 
    • OpenStack Messaging Service - ZaqarResources about OpenStack Zaqar, the OpenStack feature allowing developers to send messages between different components of SaaS and mobile applications, using a variety of communication patterns.
    • OpenStack Networking - NeutronResources about OpenStack Neutron, the OpenStack project that provide networking as a service between interface devices managed by other Openstack services (such as Nova).
    • OpenStack Object Storage - SwiftResources about OpenStack Swift, a highly available, distributed, eventually consistent object/blob store. 
    • OpenStack Orchestration Service - HeatResources about OpenStack Heat, the OpenStack project that implements an orchestration engine allowing the launch of multiple composite cloud applications.
    • OpenStack Shared File Systems service - ManilaResources about OpenStack Manila, a shared file system which provides an open API to manage file sharing in a vendor agnostic framework.
    • OpenStack SolumResources about OpenStack Solum, an OpenStack project that leverages other internal projects to make cloud services easier to integrate into the application development process.
    • OpenStack Telemtry Service - CeilometerResources about the OpenStack Telemetry project (including OpenStack Ceilometer, Aodh and Gnocchi), which collects data on the utilization of the physical and virtual resources in deployed clouds, persists these data and triggers actions.
  • OpenStack ReleasesResources about OpenStack releases, including schedules, overviews, and features of a given release.
    • OpenStack NewtonResources about the 13th release of OpenStack, which offers improvements to the compute infrastructure, networking, storage, key management, dashboard and more.
    • OpenStack LibertyResources about the 12th release of OpenStack, which offers improvements to OpenStack dashboard, object storage, block storage, community app catalog and more.  
    • OpenStack KiloResources about the 11th release of OpenStack, which introduces Ironic, and offers improvements to networking, identity service.
    • OpenStack JunoResources about the tenth release of OpenStack, which offers improvements to networking, dashboard, orchestration, image service, telemetry, and more.
    • OpenStack IcehouseResources about the ninth release of OpenStack, which offers several improvements, namely introducing the Trove database service.   
    • OpenStack HavanaResources about OpenStack Havana, the eighth release of OpenStack, which introduces orchestration, and includes several improvements to networking, object storage, and more.

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