Resources about setting up, managing and operating infrastructure and applications on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers like Amazon Web Services. 

Read More on the Following Sub-Pages:

  • Public Cloud Strategy and Best PracticesResources on how to choose the right direction for a public cloud project - choosing between public, private and hybrid, pros and cons of public cloud, best practices and more.
  • Public Cloud AdoptionResources about the strategic adoption of public cloud by organisations and how it affects costs, potential risks, and scalability of database capabilities.
  • Public Cloud ChallengesResources about the challenges of implementing public cloud in different environments.
  • Public Cloud Economics and ROIResources about calculating the cost, potential cost savings and return on investment of a public cloud project and a financial comparison between public and private cloud.
  • Public Cloud Operations and ManagementResources about operating and managing public cloud infrastructure, including deployment, installation and setup, automation, orchestration, scaling, and more.
    • Public Cloud DeploymentResources about deploying and implementing public cloud computing technology.
    • Public Cloud AutomationResources about automationg public cloud computing technology, including tools, services and best practices.
    • Public Cloud Scaling and ProvisioningResources about the allocation of a cloud provider's resources to a customer and the scaling ability of a public cloud including advantages,strategies and more.
  • Public Cloud Training and CertificationResources about solutions for training and certification on public cloud concepts and technologies, as well as training materials available online.
  • Multi-Cloud and Migration Between Public CloudsResources about the use of multiple cloud computing services in a single heterogeneous architecture including challenges, benefits and more.

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