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This site is a compilation of thousands of resources on private cloud - technologies, best practices and knowledge on how to set up a cloud computing infrastructure on-premises, inside your organization. 

Table of Contents:

Below we have compiled publicly available sources from around the world that present views on Private Cloud.

Private Cloud Overview

Many organizations are investing major resources in building a private cloud within their on-premise data center. Private cloud is an alternative to the "public cloud" - cloud computing services offered by vendors like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. By building a private cloud, organizations gain the flexibility to construct a technical solution that suits their specific needs; can use the cloud without moving data, applications and configurations off premises to an external provider; and are able to manage compliance more easily. Depending on the scale and uses of the cloud, a private cloud can also generate large cost savings, because it represents mainly a one-time CAPEX investment, whereas a public cloud is billed on a pay-per-use basis and represents an ongoing OPEX expense.

However, building a private cloud with capabilities resembling those offered by the public cloud providers, is not a trivial task. Organizations undertaking a private cloud project need to be familiar with numerous technologies "under the hood" of cloud computing, best practices, architectural considerations, security issues and more. The knowledge needed to evaluate a private cloud project, plan for it, and build a private cloud using state of the art tools and technologies, is currently scattered across numerous websites with no unified structure. The motivation behind this website was to make this critical knowledge more easily accessible to the community.

In this Wiki

This Private Cloud Wiki aims to compile all the knowledge related to private clouds in one place, to make it easier for organizations to take private cloud projects from the evaluation stage, all the way to production. The wiki is a community initiative by Stratoscale, which provides an innovative private cloud platform.

Because of the complexity of the private cloud space and the many options available, both technological and architectural, we set out to create a vendor agnostic resource, that would pull together the most relevant information from around the world that might help organizations build their private cloud. Over the next few months we will add more and more categories to this wiki, until we cover over 200 planned categories across the following private cloud areas:

  • Private cloud practices and uses - architectures, private cloud strategy, operations and management considerations, the economics of private clouds, private cloud education and training, and more.
  • Full stack private cloud platforms - in-depth coverage of OpenStack, VMware vRealize, and additional players such as Stratoscale (our own platform), Citrix CloudForms and Apache CloudStack.
  • Cloud Management Platforms (CMP) - software that can be used to manage cloud infrastructure, both private and public, such as RightScale, Embotics and Scalr.
  • Private cloud virtualization strategies - private clouds depend on an underlying virtualization layer. We will cover traditional virtualization from vendors like VMware, Citrix and KVM, and newer container-based technologies such as Docker and CoreOS.
  • Modern data center architecture - new technologies that make up the Software-Defined Data Center which is at the center of most private cloud initiatives, such as SDN, NFV, storage virtualization, and hyperconvergence solutions.

Further Reading

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